Parents shouldn't have to choose between sending their kids to college or saving for retirement.

Why This Course is So Valuable

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    It takes 12 years to achieve a great high school GPA. It only takes 8 weeks to achieve a solid standardized test score.

    Successful students start their test prep process at the beginning with a diagnostic. Your student should determine their best test BEFORE they prep—so they can focus their efforts on their strongest test.
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    Fact: An increase of 100 or more points on the SAT or 2 or more points on the ACT can equal up to $92,274 in scholarships, grants, and tuition discounts from colleges.

    That means more money saved for your retirement.

    Higher standardized test scores not only help your student get into the college(s) of their dreams, but also secure FREE gift aid to reduce the cost of college (even expensive private schools!)
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    The road to college can be complicated and confusing. Test prep is a crucial part of the journey.  In this course, Mary will empower your student to confidently ace the SAT or ACT
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    Preparing for standardized tests doesn't exist in a vacuum.  
    When it comes to applying to college, test prep is an essential piece of the college admissions puzzle.  
    The ultimate goal: help your student get into the college of their dreams without sacrificing your financial future. 

A Better Way to Test Prep

Mary's 8-Week Test Prep Roadmap Course ensures your student a higher score on the ACT or SAT (in less time than preparing on your own.)

Intro: SAT/ACT 101

Duration: 16m 13s

1 - Crush the test.

2 - Get money for college.


Duration: 18m 19s

Prepare for the reading sections of both tests with Mary’s proven methods for analyzing difficult passages, active vs. passive reading, and tracking meaning for each paragraph.


Duration: 17m 48s

Tips and tricks to ace the nitty-gritty like grammar and punctuation, thinking like an editor, and time-saving techniques.


Duration: 15m 53s

Learn speedy, strategic shortcuts to memorize important equations and why it's critical to skip hard questions and come back to them.


Duration: 12m 40s

Think like a scientist! Avoid common pitfalls and learn to outsmart the test.

Conclusion: What's Your Why?

Duration: 14m 4s

Commit, crush it, and continue the momentum.

ACT Guide

Duration: 12m 15s

The ACT has a specific structure and essay. This section unpacks game-changers like pace, mindset, and methods to maximize efficiency when preparing for the ACT.

SAT Guide

Duration: 13m 48s

The SAT has a specific structure and essay. This section gets at the importance of a marathon mindset and the controversial subject of "superscoring" that applies to the SAT.

About the Author

Mary Lanni is your test prep guide. Mary has been teaching for nearly twenty years and was a 97th percentile scorer on the ACT on her first attempt in high school. She has been coaching test prep since 2018 and has mastered the nuances of these tests and how students respond to them. Her students have increased their scores and become more confident and successful in their academic careers. A former professional Irish dancer, Mary spent her youth teaching hundreds of children and adults how to Irish dance. A little hard work was all that stood between her and her dreams.

“Committing to and believing in yourself is the first step to lifelong success.”

Invest in Your College-Bound Student and Their Education

There are 42 lessons in the complete course. You'll have access to these for one full year from the date of purchase.


Receive 3 practice test

 (plus complete answer keys) with a virtual proctor, as well as study guides and tips for each section of the test.

With Mary's 8-Week Plan of Guided Test Prep, learn how to get on the fast track to better scores and more money to pay for college.

What Families Are Saying


“When I started with Mary, I didn’t know how to study for the ACT or what scores I needed to get into college. Now, I have a solid college list, and the scores to get into them. Mary gave me the tools to grow while studying for the ACT-- and the confidence to succeed while taking it!”

—Carly H., Englewood, CO| improved ACT score by 5 points 

Is This Course Right For You?

Not every student is a good fit for this course.

this course is for:

  • High school sophomores or juniors preparing for college
  • Students prepared to commit 40 hours to guided practice over an 8-week period
  • Families who want to maximize the potential FREE gift aid they can receive from colleges
  • Students who are unsure whether they should take the SAT or the ACT

Who this course not for:

  • Students only considering applying to community colleges
  • Families so wealthy that overpaying for college is not an issue
  • Students who want the work done for them
  • Students who need expensive in-person tutoring
Score Improvement in 8 weeks

Try this online course risk-free for 1 year. If you complete all the segments and assignments and do not increase your ACT score by 3 points or your SAT score by 150 points, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Woo! Bonuses!

Because who doesn't love bonuses? If you buy now, you'll also receive:

Individual Consultation

When your student completes their diagnostic, you and your student can set up an individual consultation to review your results and personalize your test prep plan.


Office Hours 

Every week call in to an hour-long meeting with Mary and a few other Test Prep students. Ask questions and get expert guidance on your student's specific issues.


Free "What's Next?" Call

At the end of your student's Test Prep Roadmap experience, have a 1-on-1 with Mary and her team to discuss your student's progress and discover the best next steps for your family's particular college planning journey.

Start Today! 

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